Steve Read

Steve Read

Vice Chair, ADEPT’s Waste Group and Director of energy, waste and environment, West Sussex County Council

Steve qualified as an Environmental Health Officer, developing an early technical specialism in air and noise pollution working in Dorset and Kent. Taking up more senior posts in Lincolnshire and subsequently Hampshire, Steve took on client responsibility for waste and recycling just as the initial wave of kerbside recycling schemes gained momentum. In 2000, Steve guided East Hampshire District Council to national prominence as a high performer as one of the first collection authorities to introduce alternate weekly collections to help drive behavioural change. In 2002, Steve became the Executive Officer for the Hampshire Waste Partnership after it created a formal Joint Committee representing 14 Local Authorities. Alongside opportunities to study and relate European exemplars of environmental innovation and good practice, Steve gained national prominence as a speaker and local authority voice at a national level. Steve has advocated a circular economy approach since the early 2000s and was appointed as the first Managing Director of the innovative and highly regarded Somerset Waste Partnership in 2007. Steve has both spoken up for and challenged local authorities, particularly in relation to the packaging Extended Producer Responsibility agenda, arguing over more than a decade, for the approach now advocated in the Government’s Resources and Waste Strategy. In 2013, Steve doubled as Head of the Gloucestershire Waste Partnership continuing alongside the Somerset role.

Since 2017, Steve has been Director of Environment at West Sussex County Council, which has gained prominence in the field of sustainable energy generation, storage and use. WSCC is also a proponent of smart technology and emerging localised, multi-vector solutions to current and future challenges around managing and balancing electricity demand.

Steve is currently Vice-Chair of the Association of Directors of Environment, Economy, Planning and Transport’s (ADEPT) Waste Panel. 





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