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Energy Efficiency Theatre

The potential benefits are huge: a more efficient use of energy across the UK would save billions in energy costs whilst slashing emissions and improving quality of life.  But devising and delivering a comprehensive energy efficiency strategy is no easy task for any organisation.  The Energy Efficiency Theatre combines green policy updates, expert insight and inspirational case studies to deliver an end-to-end overview of what makes a successful energy efficiency strategy.

Please note the theatre timetable is subject to change.

22 May 2018
  1. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    With sustainability and energy managers facing a whirlwind of new and upcoming green policies, this opening session breaks down everything you need to know about the energy policy landscape – from the Government’s new Clean Growth Plan and Industrial Strategy through to new energy taxes and efficiency standards, this session has got you covered.

    • Clean energy strategy, Industrial strategy and Brexit - what do professionals think?
    • Ways to use less energy in buildings - Doing more with less
    • Oh, Accountants and energy managers should be friends

  2. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    Aligning corporate energy reduction targets with individuals' motivations and behaviours can drive significant savings, but is incredibly difficult. In this session, we explore how energy managers can engage key stakeholders with their energy efficiency strategy to drive positive change.

    • Reduce the juice campaign
    • Hilton's 'Bikes are back' case study
    • Together, we can make a difference
  3. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    Whether it's the rollout of electric vehicles (EVs), the use of telematics, or the strategic positioning of distribution centres, there are now a multitude of options available to businesses looking to reduce fleet emissions. But which is the best route to take? This session will provide the answers.

    • The benefits of electric vehicles
    • Electric vehicles and the potential benefits of combining this with vehicle-to-grid charging of fleets
    • The challenge of reducing both carbon and air quality emissions in vehicle fleets

  4. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    You can’t manage what you don’t measure – nowhere is this phrase more applicable than to energy efficiency. In this session, we delve deep into the data discussion to explore how energy managers are effectively leveraging the power of good data to drive down usage and increase efficiency.

    • Energy efficiency monitoring - making an impact on cost
    • Yes for energy data; but in which format?
    • Powering Performance: Helping you to improve your energy efficiency and operational performance through data
  5. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    We are witnessing an era of unprecedented technological change, with the fourth Industrial Revolution now well underway. In this session, we explore how energy managers can tap into advancements in tech to upgrade systems, drive down usage and stay ahead of the curve. 

    • Getting our buildings in shape - EDF Energy and Capula’s joint control solution for driving efficiency and cost savings through PowerShift.

23 May 2018
  1. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    New minimum energy efficiency standards are coming into force, ESOS Phase 2 compliance dates are looming, and a new energy and carbon reporting framework is on the horizon. Never fear, this session will break down everything you need to know about key compliance and standards to take your energy management strategy onto the next level.

    • Navigating a new energy management landscape
    • ESOS Phase 2: Are you ready?
    • ESOS – remedies for the four year itch 
    • Energy and carbon reporting: What happens next?
  2. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    Trying to convince senior stakeholders to invest in a new energy management approach can be a daunting task. But getting the board on board IS possible, and this session will show you how. From building the business case through to the art of good storytelling, during this session you will hear from engagement experts and showcase best-practice examples to help you make your next pitch a successful one.

    • Managing risk to increase energy confidence
    • Embedding sustainability throughout an organisation
    • The Board - What's in it for them?

  3. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    It is easy to take for granted, but water is a key asset for most businesses, and focusing on efficiency can generate huge benefits – especially considering the vast amounts of water consumed in everyday energy production. One year on from the opening of water retail competition in the UK, this session will explore how some leading organisations are now tapping into new opportunities to drive down water usage and increase efficiencies.

    • The benefits of water efficiency
    • Whitbread’s Self Supply Strategy
  4. Energy Efficiency Theatre

    The World Green Building Council has set the target: by 2050, all of the world's buildings must be net-zero emissions. Now, how are we going to get there? In this session, we will explore how organisations are retrofitting, renovating and building from the ground up to deliver low-carbon, energy-efficient buildings.

    • The role of buildings in securing a sustainable future
    • Case study: Crossrail Place Roof Gardens
    • Case study: Innovative approaches to building for the future
    • What's the value in Value Engineering?


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