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Energy Innovation Theatre

Britain's energy system needs an upgrade, and businesses must lead the charge. From onsite generation and electric vehicle-to-grid projects through to the latest developments in demand response and energy storage, this theatre is a must-attend for any organisation seeking to go beyond energy efficiency measures and being driving system change through innovative approaches to energy management.

Please note the theatre timetable is subject to change.
22 May 2018
  1. Energy Innovation Theatre

    Technology costs are tumbling, green policy is becoming more progressive, and stakeholders are keeping a keen eye on your sustainability credentials – NOW is the time to invest in onsite clean energy systems. But where should you start? This opening session will explore what success looks like by hearing from some of the leaders of the renewables revolution.

    • Delivering low-carbon fun with a co-generation plant onsite
    • Ambition and Results
    • Maximising available onsite generation

  2. Energy Innovation Theatre

    In a matter of years, demand response has evolved from a curious concept to a vital catalyst of Britain’s smart energy transformation. But shifting power during peak periods is not without its challenges, and the market remains a relatively complex one for energy managers. This session will hear from the experts to help you cut through that complexity and showcase some leading business examples of demand-response best-practice.

    • The challenges and potential solutions to reducing peak demand at Rolls-Royce
    • Realising the financial benefits of switching off machinery and rescheduling factory operations for a short period of time
    • Marks and Spencer case study - exploring the potential demand response
  3. Energy Innovation Theatre

    The energy storage megashift is upon us, but how can businesses capitalise on it? Combining real-experience case studies with expert advice, this session is a must-attend for any organisation seeking to turn renewables into dispatchable capacity assets and increase energy resilience through battery storage solutions, delivering financial and operational benefits along the way.

    • Optimising the value of energy storage, flexibility and response
    • A network perspective on the development of batteries and chargers
    • Energy storage: the next wave
      Growth prospects and market outlook for storage
    • Long-term ambitions in storage: the Nottingham City Council approach
  4. Energy Innovation Theatre

    The commercial and industrial waste market presents a huge growth opportunity for the energy-from-waste sector. Likewise, processes to turn waste products into energy are being seen as an increasingly viable option for businesses to take their sustainability strategy onto the next level. This session brings energy-from-waste industry experts together with end-users to explore what the future holds for this ever-evolving sector.  

    • The role of anaerobic digestion in sustainable sludge management
    • The transformation of sludge from energy consumer to producer
    • How Costa is converting coffee waste to biofuel
  5. Energy Innovation Theatre

    No matter how you look at it – financially, morally, reputationally and environmentally – the business case for investing in electric vehicles is clear. But there’s a lot more to it than simply switching out your vehicles. From policy incentives and infrastructure developments to drive-cycle data and driver behaviours, this session offers you everything you need to know when it comes to greening your fleet.  

    • EV and the grid - managing the infrastructure
    • Inside Royal Mail's electric van trials in London
    • Growing your low emission fleet
23 May 2018
  1. Energy Innovation Theatre

    New approaches to energy management such as battery storage and demand response have opened up new opportunities for you to save money and increase resilience. But where should you start? And which route should you take? This session unites the innovators and the industry insiders to explore how you can achieve a flexible future, today. 

    • Moving towards a flexible energy future
    • Gas in a decarbonised energy system
    • Following the money: what balancing mechanism access means for electricity customers
  2. Energy Innovation Theatre

    Dramatic cost reductions in solar and wind energy technologies combined with the scale-up of battery systems to help solve intermittency issues has made the idea of powering your operations with 100% renewable energy a realistic possibility. In this session, we’ll hear from the businesses that are doing just that.

    • Why JLL UK is targeting 100% renewables in new 2020 targets
    • Subsidy free renewables in the UK – are we there?
    • Delivering onshore renewables in harmony with nature
    • Becoming Sustainable in a Generation – how and why Mars is decarbonising its value chain
  3. Energy Innovation Theatre

    Rising energy costs and energy-related failures can be a significant risk to many organisations. It is more important than ever to have a resilient energy strategy. But what should that strategy look like? This session will show you how to manage energy risks in a way that can increase efficiency, improve financial performance and reduce potential downtime.

    • Looking towards a smart energy future with demand side response
    • A whole systems approach to multi-vector energy demand management
    • How do you mitigate the risk of energy security, future costs and business sustainability?
  4. Energy Innovation Theatre

    What does the energy system of the future look like? Will the Internet of Things make decentralised smart grids the norm? Will blockchain support electricity-sharing? And what will be driving energy resilience? The Energy Innovation Theatre comes to a fascinating close with this session which will hear from the experts that are actively involved in shaping the future of energy. 

    • Innovation in energy resilience
    • The future of blockchain and its impact on energy and business
    • Where are the opportunities for business in capitalising on emerging energy trends
    • Accelerating sustainability with connected systems


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