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Sustainability Keynote

The Sustainability Keynote is dedicated to the policies, people and projects that are together accelerating the transition to a low-carbon, resource efficient economy. From embedding the Sustainable Development Goals and redefining purpose to changing minds on sustainability and empowering the next generation, this stage will provide the strategic-level focus required to transform business, for good.
22 May 2018
  1. Sustainability Keynote
  2. Sustainability Keynote
  3. Sustainability Keynote
    • From Brexit to Trump: turning political challenges into sustainable opportunities
    • Influencing local and global strategy to transform your business, for good
    • Linking top-down with bottom-up sustainability
  4. Sustainability Keynote
    • Driving change: upstream, downstream and post-consumer
    • The importance of transparency and assessing risks
    • An insight into the sustainable supply chain of the future
  5. Sustainability Keynote
  6. Sustainability Keynote
    • Aligning the goals with your corporate strategy
    • Understanding relevance, from SMEs to multinational corporates
    • Measuring sustainability success through the SDGs
  7. Sustainability Keynote
    • Adopting science-based targets and committing to a 1.5C world
    • Reducing emissions in your supply chain – the 3:1 approach
    • Why going it alone to tackle climate change is not an option
  8. Sustainability Keynote
    • Inspiring your organisation to set bold targets
    • Choosing which goals, frameworks and methodologies to use
    • Realising a new business purpose through the SDGs
  9. Sustainability Keynote
  10. Sustainability Keynote
  11. Sustainability Keynote
    • Going 100% ‘renewable’
    • Towards zero: achieving carbon neutrality
    • Achieving efficiency through effective engagement
  12. Sustainability Keynote
    • WWF and John West case study: a transformational partnership
    • Recognising a resource problem
    • Transforming business models and supply chains to adapt
  13. Sustainability Keynote
    • The battle against short-termism and business growth
    • Driving system change on sustainability
    • The importance of empowerment in achieving your ‘why’
  14. Sustainability Keynote
  15. Sustainability Keynote
    • Achieving climate change mitigation and adaptation through the built environment
    • Closing the green building policy gap
    • Developing smart and sustainable cities
  16. Sustainability Keynote
    • Electric vehicles: then, now and the future
    • Saving money and CO2 through smarter business travel
    • Driving engagement on sustainable urban mobility
  17. Sustainability Keynote
    • Building resilience against climate change and resource scarcity
    • Understanding urbanisation and social demographic changes
    • Making global issues relevant for you and your organisation
  18. Sustainability Keynote
23 May 2018
  1. Sustainability Keynote
  2. Sustainability Keynote
    • How much do you know about solving the climate crisis?
    • 100 reasons for hope
    • The role of business in driving systemic change
  3. Sustainability Keynote
    • Adopting a leadership position on sustainability
    • From zero waste to carbon positive: setting ambitious targets
    • Bringing employees on the sustainability journey
  4. Sustainability Keynote
    • How do we encourage more businesses to join the green industrial revolution?
    • Breaking out of the sustainability echo chamber
    • Making global issues relevant to smaller businesses
  5. Sustainability Keynote
    • Corporate strategy and sustainability: a marriage made in heaven?
    • The power of partnerships and collaboration
    • Tackling global issues and driving change through purpose
  6. Sustainability Keynote
    • Leaving things better than we find them
    • The power of collaboration
    • Investing time in internal engagement strategies
  7. Sustainability Keynote
    • Working in partnership to accelerate progress in tackling malaria and achieve SDG 3 objectives
    • Inspiring the public, leaders and the private sector with an era-defining campaign
    • Future opportunities to drive real change
  8. Sustainability Keynote
  9. Sustainability Keynote
    • The powers of a sustainability superhero
  10. Sustainability Keynote
    • Supporting a ‘C-suite’ facing role
    • Top ten skills needed and a sector response
    • New modes of learning
    • Systems, circularity and open innovation
  11. Sustainability Keynote
    Members from Global Action Plan’s Youth Advisory Panel explain the role that young people can play in working with business to tackle the growing issue of...
  12. Sustainability Keynote
  13. Sustainability Keynote
    • Enabling customers, communities, team members and suppliers to live and work well
    • In focus: the importance of social sustainability for the people in their supply chains
    • Meeting the most rigorous and robust sourcing standards available
  14. Sustainability Keynote
    • How to embed sustainability and social purpose throughout your business by driving a shared vision
    • Why businesses need the right partners to achieve their sustainability goals
  15. Sustainability Keynote


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