edie Live 2018

Resource Efficiency Theatre

Business continuity is fundamentally reliant on the resources the organisation consumes; from the energy and water needed to keep basic operations running to minimising waste outputs to raw materials use and increasingly more complex and vulnerable supply chains.

Reduction strategies and alternative models are needed for businesses of all sizes, including practical, applicable guidance about implementing those new models such as closed loop systems and circular thinking.

How do you ensure your business is protected from scarcity in the supply chain? How do you ensure water scarcity doesn’t impact your operations? How do you reduce usage and find ways to reduce your waste outputs at the same time? Who is responsible and how do you effect change on an organisational level.

From specific strategies and solutions to analysis of the broader issues at play, this theatre is a must-attend for any business, small or large, seeking to reduce their consumption, close their loops, minimise their waste outputs and mitigate risk in their supply chains.

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