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Resource Efficiency Theatre

As the world's population continues to rise, the pressure on our natural resources is increasing dramatically. But change is happening, fast. From circular economy design to closed-loop industrial processes, the Resource Efficiency Theatre will showcase how organisations from a variety of sectors are decoupling business growth from resource use in an effort to promote sustainable development and minimise waste.

Please note the theatre timetable is subject to change.

22 May 2018
  1. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    The Government’s 25-Year Plan to Improve the Environment has promised action and given resource-efficiency professionals some much-needed encouragement. But 2042 is a long way off, and questions remain when it comes to the ‘how’. This session will explore what the 25-Year Plan means for business and investigate how resource efficiency professionals can turn that ambition into action.

  2. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    It's the most talked about topic in the world of sustainable business right now: plastic waste. The material represents a major circular economy conundrum for businesses across the world. But change is happening, fast. In this session, we'll hear from the businesses and experts that are championing innovation and collaboration to catalyse change across the supply chain and eliminate avoidable plastics.

    • It can be done, we can eliminate plastic pollution, create PR and save money
    • Co-op’s revamped approach to packaging and plastics
    • Turning off the Plastic Tap
  3. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    With recent surveys suggesting that as little as 7% of UK consumers have heard of the ‘circular economy’, it’s no surprise that mainstreaming the concept remains the ultimate challenge for business. This session will see industry experts discuss the role that sustainability and resource efficiency professionals can play in changing how people think and act towards the circular economy. 

    • Material consumption, waste reduction and social acceptability
    • How can you get people to buy into the circular economy
    • Coffee cups: How Costa is changing behaviours to reduce waste and recognising resource
    • Going circular with the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  4. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    With most procurement processes and practices based on the purchase of goods and services through a linear ‘take, make, waste’ approach, it is clear that we must challenge the way an organisation consumes and uses products. This session will explore how sustainability and procurement teams can work in tandem to begin assessing buying decisions in accordance with circular economy principles. 

    • Why specifying the same requirements and expecting different results keeps us going round in circles 
    • Resource efficiency and the built environment
    • HP: Leading the way on the Circular Economy and Embedding Sustainability into Procurement and Supply Chain Management

  5. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    It's the only utility we couldn't live without, yet it’s often forgotten in conversations around resource efficiency and the circular economy. In this session, we’ll discuss why water efficiency should be pushed up the corporate agenda, and what benefits this can bring for an organisation’s economic and environmental performance. 

    • Recognising the true value of water
    • The criticality of water in brewing and distilling: Schrödinger’s paradox
    • Unravelling the mystery of water efficiency
23 May 2018
  1. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    What does the closed-loop business of the future look like? Inspiration is the key word in this opening session of the day as we showcase how organisations are transforming business models and modifying supply chains to reshape waste management and recycling approaches. And we’ll show YOU how to you can emulate this best practice.

    • Lifecycle thinking
    • Remanufacturing
    • Closing the loop
    • Making the case for resource efficiency
    • Embedding efficiency into operations
    • Encouraging recycling / less waste internally
    • Rethinking single use packaging
  2. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    The shift to a circular economy will only be realized if we can build ‘unusual’ yet powerful coalitions to scale-up the solutions and interventions we need to reconfigure systems towards circularity. This session will hear from some of the industry experts and organisations that have been championing closed-loop collaborations to drive resource efficiency.

    • Case study showcasing collaboration
    • How important is a partnership approach?
  3. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    It has long been cited as the biggest challenge facing sustainability and resource professionals, but in this session we will explore how staff engagement with sustainability can be turned into a golden opportunity for your organisation to go circular.

    • How a certified management system can facilitate employee engagement
    • Driving Circularity: How to get there from here
    • Making sustainability part of your employees’ DNA

  4. Resource Efficiency Theatre

    Too few companies are embracing the ‘full-circle’ approach to sustainability in their supply chain. To close out the Resource Efficiency Theatre, we’ll explore how you can effectively engage with suppliers to decouple resource use from value creation, and source key commodities more sustainably. This isn’t about reinventing your entire supply chain, it’s about taking the practical steps to deliver a shared vision for sustainable resource consumption and the circular economy.

    • The used paper cups that WE are turning into something useful
    • How employees in your supply chain can catalyse a circular economy
    • Collaboration in the supply chain to drive impact at farm-level: the example of a mass-balance supply chain.


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