edie Live 2018

edie Live 2018

Turning challenges into opportunities at edie Live




Following the success of edie Live 2016, we can't wait to bring together a bigger show packed full of new features in May 2017.

The event wouldn’t be the massive success it is without the hundreds of companies like you, that are there to showcase the products, services and approaches that can help visitors hit their targets, reduce their impacts and drive sustainability strategies forward for their businesses.

We asked a few of them to share what they thought were the biggest challenges facing businesses today and how they can help our visitors overcome them.

Here's what they had to say

Richard Gueterbock, Director, Clearfleau
Stand L40


“Creating a more circular economy must be part of post Brexit Britain, including decentralised renewable energy for industrial sites.  British engineers are developing novel renewable technologies but they need more sustained Government support.  Clearfleau is contributing to this challenge - delivering on-site bio-energy from a range of bio-degradable manufacturing byproducts.” 

Tony Fenton, Joint managing director, Edina UK Ltd
Stand H42


“Established CHP technology provides UK organisations greater security of power supply, reduced energy costs and carbon emissions, delivering long-term energy efficiency and sustainability.  Edina’s leading CHP/Tri-generation and stand-by power solutions deliver high plant efficiency and availability, demand responsive, providing a quicker return on investment, increasing business competitiveness and strategic growth.”

Stuart Forsyth, Media manager, E-Serve
Stand J42


“Renewable energy technology is rapidly advancing and organisations seeking to invest in renewable heat may be able to access government schemes like the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. Ofgem E-serve administers this scheme and our role is to provide clear guidance and excellent customer service to scheme applicants and participants.”

Dr. Yucheng Feng, Energy industry manager,
FLEXIM Instruments UK Ltd
Stand L32

“Regardless of the current challenges in connection with the Brexit, the question of efficient use of energy will remain of prime importance for all companies, both in respect to costs and competitiveness with regard to the European Energy Efficiency Directive. With its non-invasive heat meters, FLEXIM provides the ideal tools to measure fluid-based energy consumptions and to implement energy management systems.”

"We are in the middle of a revolution. We are getting to grips with the challenges and opportunities presented by big data, technology, corporate ethics and climate change – all against a background of huge economic uncertainty. The business models and systems that we have relied upon are changing, some to the extent that they are no longer sustainable. We connect mission and values with the way companies operate and the brands they are responsible for. Without that connection we believe they are at risk."

Mark Palmer, Managing director, Scenariio Intelligent Infrastructures
Stand J40

"Energy conservation using LED light technology is now a given for any business striving to make energy costs savings. Scenariio and smartengine intelligent lighting solutions can significantly reduce energy costs, measure building occupancy and integrate with HVAC to save heating and cooling inefficiencies. Up to 80% energy savings are possible."

Bastien Renart, Owner, Typeco Software
Stand P23

"As businesses are still struggling to overcome the economic crisis, a way of increasing margins is to drop useless sunk costs. Typeco Software enables organisations to reach this goal by cutting by around a quarter printing ink consumption, reducing its costs and environmental impacts."

Dr Jacquetta Lee, Practitioner Doctorate in Sustainability - Director, University of Surrey
Stand N34

"Life cycle thinking, circular economy, social values, industrial ecology and resource efficiency are just some of the areas where business and academia can come together to co-create innovative business practices and solutions to climate change and associated impacts. The University of Surrey’s Centre for Environment and Sustainability enables companies to tap into the best academic knowledge and practical approaches to sustainability issues."